10 May
27 Ramadan
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Over the course of the next few days we will inshAllah communicate the nature of the issues that have arisen and explain the course of action taken.
Constitutionally, the provisions of Clause 6.4.6 of – i.e VACANCIES – are now in force:
Clause 6.4.6 ii) provides that if the President and three other elected members of the EC resign within seven days then the entire EC shall subject to 6.4.6 iii) be considered to have been automatically dissolved and a General Meeting shall be called within one month of the resignations for the election of the new Committee
Clause 6.4.6 iii) provides that until such new EC is elected as laid out in the preceding rule, the EC shall carry on the necessary management of any urgent business of the Jamaat.
In view of the above, we will be calling an election shortly in order for new office bearers and executive committee to be elected to serve the Community.  We will communicate the date and process shortly.
In the interim period, the Secretariat and the remaining members of the current EC, will be attending to the urgent matters of the community.
Furthermore we would like to give our assurance that, despite the difficulties we are facing, we will continue to work hard to serve, protect and safeguard our Community to the best of our ability, in the Community’s time of great need.
We sincerely thank you all for your continuous support and patience throughout this challenging time for us all.
With Salaams,
Kassam Jaffer

Hon Secretary
For and On Behalf
of KSIMC of London

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