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Welcoming Sheikh Murtadha Alidina

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murtazaalidinaMy Dear Members, Assalamu Alaykum.
Condolences to our 12th living Imam and to all the lovers of the Ahlul Bayt (AS), as we approach the death anniversary of the finality of the Prophets – Muhammad Mustafa (SAW).
On behalf of the President, the EC, the Trustees and the entire community of KSIMC of London, we welcome Sheikh Dr Murtadha Alidina and his family to London Jammat.
As mentioned in my speech on Chelum Day, Sheikh Alidina will inshAllah be with us for the next three and a half weeks and he will be engaging with the community at all levels.
Following an initial meeting between Sheikh Alidina, the EC and the Trustees, we have agreed a schedule with him that will involve him delivering lectures in both the ELC during Shahadat programmes and the main hall during Wiladat Programmes. He will also be leading Juma Salaah, conducting tafseer and hadith classes, participating in FCP seminars and group discussions, engaging in exclusive ladies only discussions and consulting with the Madressa, Workshop, Annex and various other sub-committee’s and BUJU’s that make up London Jamaat. 
Sheikh Alidina has also expressed a desire to interact and engage with as many of you as possible and listen to your feedback, in order to gain an understanding of the current situation within our community. As a result, we have organised an Open Mic Forum on Sunday 29th January 2012 – after Maghrib / Isha Salaah at 5pm. This will be an opportunity for you to talk directly with Sheikh Alidina on matters that are important to you. We therefore urge each and everyone of you to attend in large numbers and I look forward to your full participation in this event.
If you would like any further information on Sheikh Alidina’s stay with us, then please do not hesitate to contact the Hujjat Secretariat Team on admin@hujjat.org  or check the main Hujjat website www.hujjat.org
Finally, we wish Sheikh Alidina and his family a very pleasant stay during their time with us inshAllah
With Salaams,
Kassam Jaffer
Hon Secretary
For and on Behalf
of KSIMC of London

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