Shab-e-Pursa Azadaari

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shab-e-pursaEvery year during Ashre Muharram, Azaadaar at our centre arrange to offer their heartfelt condolences  (Pursa) to Sayyida Fatemah Zehra (A) and our Twelfth Imam (ATF). The event takes place after the evening programme in the Main Hall with the recitations of Marthia, Masaeb and Nawhas with Saf Maatam. The Ladies hold a parallel programme coinciding the event.

The event will see the participation of our YAD students and teachers and will be held on Friday, 25th of December commencing at 10.30 pm in the Main Hall. Sheikh Shahnawaz Mahdavi will deliver the Masaeb for the occassion. All Mu’mineen are requested to participate in the Azadaari programme.

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