Report from Japan on the status of Shia there

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First of all thank you for your email and your concern about us and all other momineen in Japan and especially those who were living in the Area where the Earth Quake took place. We are a small community here and we do have some of our momineen living and working in those parts of Japan where the disaster took place and was badly effected. We had great difficulty in getting information about them and today finally I can confirm with the Grace of Allah all our Momineen living in that part are safe and healthy, Almdollilah. However most of them have lost all their business and some belongings as well. Our next step is to move these families to other parts of Japan and we have started doing this from today.

Next after moving them to safer ground we shall try to get them back on their feet by helping them start their business till things settle down. For this we are using all our sources but before that we also need to find suitable Board and lodging which we are doing through our Japanese friends and we are trying our best to move them out fast. But roads and services are in a bad shape.

What we need from all of our Brothers and sisters is just your Prayers…your Dua for all of us Inshallah Allah will help us out of this hardship. We are praying and doing whatever we can not only to help only our own Momineens but also the Japanese who have known to us for years and are close to us. In this time of hardship we have a duty to all mankind and Inshallah we shall put all our efforts and strength in this direction. May Allah Bless us all.

We appreciate your concern and help in this our time of test and hardship.

Thank you for your email and please remember us in your prayers.
iltimase dua,  Fi emanallah,  Hashim Muttaqi

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