09 May
26 Ramadan
Tmrw Imsaak
Tmrw Fajr
Tmrw Sunrise
Tmrw Zohr
Tmrw Maghrib

Religious Law or Secular Law, What rules?

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The speakers will give us an insight into their faith’s attitude on Law and the position religious law should have in a secular society, using, in part, the sacred texts of the Torah, the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. Following the talks, members will break into small discussion groups and use the various texts from the 3 traditions to explore how religious law should interact with secular law.

Mentors from both communities will assist the groups to share their views and experiences.

This event promises to be an intriguing, interactive and most informative insight into how Islamic, Christian and Judaic teachings can help us understand this important and challenging issue.

Your presence will truly help to make this evening a success so please attend in large numbers.

Light refreshments will be served during the evening.

For further information please email exploreislam@hotmail.co.uk

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