Recitation Guidelines for the month of Mahe-Ramadhan 1434

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Dear Members

The policy of “one man; one slot” has been designed to implement fairness when allocating recitations for the month of Mahe-Ramadhan. Due to the increased demand for recitation during the Holy Month, it is only fair to try and accommodate requests where possible, without compromising the quality of recitation. The guidelines below apply for the forthcoming Holy Month to recitation in the Gents Section (Main Hall and ELC).

We have decided to ease the policy whereby the Main Hall and ELC will be treated as two “separate” institutions, each adopting independently the policy of “Major” and “Minor” recitations.   

An individual will only be allowed to recite ONCE in relation to “Major” recitations. With relation to “Minor” recitations, preferences will be given to “new” recitors BUT an individual who has already recited a “Major” can recite a “Minor“. This also applies to multiple “Minor” recitations, whereby, an individual can recite a “Minor” on more than one occasion, but preference will be awarded to “new” recitors (i.e. those who have not had a chance to recite anything.)

The table below classifies what constitutes as a “Major” and what constitutes as a “Minor

Dua IftetahDua Jawshan Kabeer
Dua KumaylMaghribain Duas
Dua TawbahAdhan Recitation
Dua NudbaZiarat Recitation
Dua Makarimul AkhlaqDua Mujeer
Dua TawassulDua Abu Hamza Thimali
Dua SamaatHadith-e-Kisa
Munajaat of Imam Ali (A)Ziarat-e-Warith
Sura AnkabutA’maal Lead
Sura RumSura Yaseen
Sura DukhanDua Wida
Qur’an/Qari Recitation


Should you require any clarification on these guidelines, please contact one of the following members of the Mukhi Sub-Committee: Br Sajjad Tejani, Br Mohamed Tejani, Br Bashir Pirbhai or Br Akil Kanani.

With Salaams and Dua’s

Mukhi Sub-Committee
KSIMC of London

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