Presentation of Crescent Visibility: Ramadhan and Shawwal 1430

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Please find a presentation of Crescent Visibility for the forthcoming months of Ramadhan and Shawwal 1430AH.

Also included in this presentation are H.E. Ayatullah al Uzma Syed Seestani (HA)’s rulings:

Q: When is the first of the month?

A: It is the day following the evening when you are reasonably certain of the presence of the crescent on the horizon of the place where you reside, in a manner in which it is visible to the naked eye.

“If the moon is sighted in the East, it also applies to the West as long as the latitude of the two locations are not greatly further away from one another”

“If the new moon is sighted in a city, it is sufficient for other cities, provided they share the same horizon, in the sense that the actual sighting in the first city would necessarily be followed with the sighting in the second city if there were no barriers like clouds, fog, mountains etc”


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