Hujjat Academy: Modular Islamic Courses at Hujjat Stanmore

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New semester dedicated to Prophethood and Uloom al Quran. 10 Classes, first of which starting Tuesday 13th February 8pm @ Hujjat Stanmore. 

You are all welcome to join on us on this powerful learning journey of Aqa’id (Islamic Theology) and Uloom al Quran (Quranic Sciences) as part of the latest offering from Hujjat Academy (organised by Hujjat Jamat, affiliated with Hawza Ilmiyya of England). 

Hujjat Academy facilitates tailored, modularised Islamic courses delivered by qualified scholars followed by interactive Q & A sessions. To find out more about calendar dates, times, FAQs, etc, visit out website; www.Hujjat.Academy

Registration: www.Hujjat.Academy/registration

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Jazakallah and Duas 

Hujjat Academy Admin Team

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