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Health Screening Report

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Health Screening Report held on 6th September 2009 (15th Ramadhan 1430) at Stanmore

The aim of health screening is to raise basic health awareness. It is an opportunistic screening to detect those who may be hypertensive (high blood pressure) or diabetic. Blood Pressure (hypertension) is asymptomatic and can only be detected if measured. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attack as well as stroke.

The symptoms of diabetes may not be recognised. High blood pressure is more common in Asians living in the UK and they are also more likely to be diabetic. Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadhan gives an opportunity to measure fasting glucose level in blood and also increase awareness about healthy lifestyle, especially pertaining to healthy eating habits, exercise and smoking cessation.

The measurement of height and weight (Body Mass Index or BMI) identifies those who may be overweight or obese and provide them with health education regarding benefits of weight loss. Weight affects both the blood pressure and blood glucose level and hence the importance of keeping to ideal weight.  Being overweight is also a risk factor for other diseases like arthritis, diabetes and heart problems as well as cancer. Since Asians have a high risk of blood pressure and diabetes the BMI figures for Asians are also lower than the general population.

If you decide to loose weight then this should be done gradually over time 0.5-1.0kg /week. The best way to lose weight is to have a healthy balanced diet and doing regular exercise. For information on a healthy balanced diet please visit:

Other important websites include

Analysis of Screening Results

Males           screened      142
Females       screened       77

High blood pressure possible new diagnosis 
Male          1
Female      2

Existing High Blood Pressure
Male         18
Female     26

Existing Diabetics
Male           13
Female        9

Fasting Blood Glucose    less than 6.0     6.1-7.0       > 7.1(mmol/l)          
Males                                   126                    5                     8
Females                                61                     2                     2

Male           35
Female       1

BMI    underweight      healthy         overweight     obese     morbidly

M        10                       27                   23           70(49.3%)        13
F         10                       14                    8            36(46.75%)        9


The results clearly indicate high level of overweight and obesity in the community with virtually half of those screened both in males and females being obese. We followed the guidelines issued by Diabetes UK for this purpose which are stringent for Asians due to high level of diabetes and blood pressure in this group.

Only one male and two female were identified as possible hypertensive while two female and five males had a high fasting glucose level >7.1mmol/litre. These have been appropriately counselled.

Practical problems for screening identified were lack of space particularly for ladies. This may have affected the numbers screened. Lack of privacy was a problem both for gents and ladies. The screening programme could be improved with proper space facility, increasing the number of stations for screening, privacy, better organisation and better preparedness.

Prescription for Good Health

This can be summarised as:
• Regular exercise e.g. walking cycling, swimming or aerobics for 30 minutes four to fiver times a week
• Increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in diet
• Reduce sugar, salt and fatty foods in diet       
• Stop smoking this is perhaps the single most factor for improving general health
• Maintain ideal weight

We thank all the health professionals and volunteers who helped out during the screening. May Allah SWT reward you for your effort.

Lyakat Jaffer (screening co-ordinator)
Any comments on the screening please mail to lyakat_jaffer@hotmail.com

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