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Forthcoming ELC Lecture Series

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sh vinaySheikh Vinay Khetia is a native of Toronto who embraced Islam in 2002. He is currently a senior PhD Candidate in Religious Studies at McMaster University. 

During the years he also attended various traditional Islamic seminaries over the past 14 years. His academic publications deal with Islamic intellectual history with a focus on Twelver Shi’ism. Sheikh Vinay’s doctoral dissertation deals with  dua and ziyarat literature  as a form of devotional theology and vision of being. Sheikh Vinay is also the Director of Religious Affairs at Assadiq Islamic School in Toronto.

The topic of his lecture series is Islam and Modernity where he will aim to cover topics such as Atheism, Morality, Crisis in Education and other topics in light of Islamic principles.

Daily lectures from 8pm in the Hujjat ELC (1st floor of Main Imambargah) starting from Monday 30th October

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