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There are five categories for the competition:

(1) Ages 5-8  (2) Ages 9-13  (3) Ages 14-18 and  (4) Over 18
(5) Memorization of 1st Juz

Participants will have an option to attend workshop sessions to improve their Qur’an recitation before being graded by a panel of judges on their Fluency, Makharij, Tajweed and style of recitation. Those who pass this initial round will qualify for the finals, which will take place during the month of Shabaan. The format of the competition for the initial round will consist of each participant reciting for 3 minutes from a random passage. The same format will apply for the Final Round.

All wishing to participate in the workshops MUST register by 15th December 2011
Details regarding the Workshop sessions will be communicated to all those who register.
The date of the Initial round of the competition will be confirmed at a later date.
Final round will be confirmed at a later date.
The winners in each age category will receive Cash Prizes as well as the Floating Shield.

Completed forms can be submitted to either: Br Imranali Khaki (07789545053) or Sister Hasinabai Bachoo (07786001650) or Sister Batulbai Kassam (07957114713). Alternatively, please send in the completed forms to

(please copy and paste, complete below and email to )

Subject: Registation Form



Telephone (Home / Mobile):

Date of Birth:

Participation Category: Recitation / Hifdh

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