Annexe Boys (4-11) Mahe Ramadhan Programme

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Dear Parents
Salaamun Alaykum!
As the Holy Month of Ramadhan approaches, we will Inshallah be blessed with the opportunity to serve the children of our community at the annexe.
The programme will Inshallah run parallel with the main Hall. Please refer to the Jamaat programme for start times. This can be found at
This year however, for the first 10 days – until Friday 19th July, the annexe programme will end BEFORE namaaz. Parents are kindly requested to collect their children 10 minutes prior to Salaat commencing in the main hall and take them into the main hall for Salaat and Iftaar.
From Saturday 20th July, the children will pray and be served with Iftaar at the annexe.
We thank you for your co-operation in advance and wish you a Ramadhan Kareem.
With salaams
The Annexe Team

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