Analysis of Bilingual Programmes

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The KSIMC of London conducted a trial of bilingual programmes at Hujjat, Stanmore during Ayyam-e-Fatimiyyah 1430 (May 2009). The primary aim of this trial was to integrate the English listeners of the ELC with those who attended the Urdu programmes in the main hall with the hope of bringing mutual bene t to both audiences.
A survey was carried out after this trial in order to obtain feedback from all age-groups on the best way forward. With 193 responses to the questionnaire, the results indicate that there is scope for bilingual programmes to continue in some form, as long as the right balance is struck in the allocation and format of their delivery. The Executive Committee aims to incorporate these findings into the delivery of the programmes held at Hujjat, Stanmore going forward.
You can read the full report here.  
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