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Al Haadi Youth’s first ever Podcast!

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The Breakdown is a new podcast that has been launched by Al Haadi Youth.

We wish to address key issues that affect Muslim youth in the West – in particular, those living within the UK. We have lined up a fantastic array of dynamic guests to discuss thought-provoking topics, which we hope will instigate much needed dialogue within the Muslim community.

In this first episode, Ahmed Gokal welcomes Sheikh Jaffer Ladak to the Stanmore community, in his new role as the resident scholar.
Sheikh Jaffer has pretty much done it all – an author, researcher, international speaker, debater – as well as former entrepreneur, football club owner and high school teenage rebel!

This episode explores his exciting history, his vision and ambitions for the community, as well as what he hopes to bring to the thousands of members within the Stanmore community.

Stay tuned for updates on our podcasts, as well as getting the opportunity to ask your questions to guest speakers by following us online.

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By: Mohamedasif
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