Thank-you Message from Zakira Anjum

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Dearest Sisters,

Salaam Alykum,

It is said “Man lam yushkurunnas lam yashkurula” — “if you don’t thank people, you don’t thank Allah”.

So I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to come and recite at the Hujjat Jammat. And I would like to thank the chair lady, Taherabai and her team of dedicated and kind volunteers for making my stay so pleasant and well organized.

I would like to also extend my gratitude to Aminabai Rahim for her continuous support during the Ashra majalis.

My thanks to the Jamaat here, who are always very eager and receptive of my majalis

Last but not least, I would like to thank my host, Masumabai Jessa and her family for their generosity.

My duas for everybody that may Allah give us the Tawfeeq to truly understand and put into practice the things we have learnt this muharam.


Anjum Mukadam

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