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Ladies Muharram Morning Programme

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Please Note: Ladies morning program will start at the earlier time of 9.45am to accommodate Salah time of Zohr and Asr.  

Ladies Tabligh Committee:
Aminabai Rahim, will be in charge of all the Muharram Ladies programmes.  

Morning Classes:  These will be on weekends only and will be conducted upstairs for 4-12 year olds; and English Majalis for over 12 years.

Tabarruk: All donors wishing to bring tabarruk for the majalis are kindly advised to donate money instead. 

For information in any of the following areas please contact:

Tabarruk: Kaneez e Fatima, Janmohammed
Treasurer (Nyaz/Hazri funds) : Nurjehanbai   Siwji
Marsia/Nawha recitation: Aminabai Rahim
Alam/Laash: Zubedabai Rahemani
Niyaz: Fatimabai Ladak
Volunteers: Masumabai Alloo

Audio / Video Cassettes:
Those wishing to purchase audio cassettes of ladies majalis & audio/video cassettes of gents majalis should contact: Sayeeda Datoo 01895 473 678
Please note that those wishing to purchase the above tapes are strictly requested to fill in the forms and make payments in advance.

Car Parking:  There will be limited volunteers during morning programmes to help out with the car parking. LADIES ARE THEREFORE REQUESTED TO PLEASE PARK IN AN ORDERLY MANNER SO AS NOT TO INCONVENIENCE OTHERS ON THEIR WAY IN OR WHEN THEY WISH TO EXIT.  Please leave your keys in the car.  Please bear in mind that on Fridays, there will be SALATUL JUMU’A in the centre, those ladies who wish to leave before Salaat, kindly park your cars in the Rugby car park.

The Al-Mahdi Special Needs Organisation
The Al-Mahdi Special Needs Organisation will once again be booking BSL interpreters for the months of Muharram and Safar.  The majalis in sign-language will be held in the Special Class upstairs and will also benefit from the live transmission on the TV from the marquee, the ELC or from downstairs.  A full program will be relayed on the TV and it will run parallel to the English majalis relayed from the marquee or the ELC.

The Al-Mahdi Special Needs Organisation would like to welcome all deaf, hard of hearing and those with special needs to take advantage of these facilities.

Programme at 4.00pm
Majalis for mothers and their young children will be held at the centre by Ummibai Merali starting at 4.00pm.

Girls evening programmes in English: There will be classes upstairs for girls ages 4 – 12 years old.  These are split into classes for 4 – 7 years and 8 – 12 years and will be conducted by various teachers. The classes upstairs will run simultaneously with the main program.

Boys evening programmes in English – Annexe – Ground Floor
English Majalis for Boys age 4 to 10 years will take place every night. The timings are as per the Jamaat’s Main Programme. The Majalis will take place on the ground floor of the Annexe Building.

Creche: During the morning majalis programme, there will be crèche facility for the age group 0-5years.  The charge is £1 per day per child.  The money will go to Stanmore Maintenance Fund.  Each child must come with a packed lunch.  The crèche facility will be upstairs in the Main Imambargha. Femina Ali will be in charge. Those ladies who can help with the crèche please contact: Femina Ali on 01923 223 809 or Rosie on 07903459284.

Ladies Morning Programme (Ashra-e-Zainabiyya)

The Ashra-e-Zainabiyya Majalis will start Insha’Allah on Tuesday 3rd January 2012.  Majalis in Gujrati will be recited by Zakira Masuma Bai Hassan who is from London, United Kingdom. A finalised programme for Ashra-e-Zainabiyya will be circulated closer to the time.

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