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Chair Lady Election Factsheet

In: Ladies News

My dear elders (on the ladies side) and sisters,

Assalamu Alaykum.

Alhamdullilah it is now time for you to decide, whom you want to lead you over the next two years.

As you know, the Chairlady elections are due to take place on Monday 13th June 2011 – during the Wiladat Programme of our 9th Holy Imam – Imam Muhammad at-Taqi (AS) – at 7.45pm.

On behalf of our President, Al-Haj Kakaji and the new EC Team, we do hope that you will engage in the election process.

Furthermore, in order to show openness and transparency of the election process, we have presented for you a “factsheet” that presents the overall approach and methodology of the Chairlady elections – inshAllah.

Our thanks to Sister Sabira Murtaza Lakha who has worked in partnership with the Hujjat Secretariat to develop the process and factsheet for the election.

The Secretariat has appointed Sister Sabira Murtaza Lakha as Electoral Officer, to oversee the whole election process. A small team of independent female personnel has also been formed, consisting of youth and senior citizens, to support the whole election process. 

This overall aim of defining the election process and presenting it as a factsheet, is to show fairness and transparency to all of the candidates and voters.

The three candidates who are standing to be elected to the role of Chairlady for the next two years are:

AnarBai Mawji
AnnesaBai Muraj
TaheraBai Kassam

Therefore we encourage you all to attend in large numbers and to vote for the candidate of your choice.

It is indeed important for all of our elders and sisters – who are eligible to vote – to actually participate in the election process, by not only casting your own votes, but by also encouraging each other to become involved. Participation in such a process not only demonstrates your confidence in the promises of your elected officials, but it also gives you an opportunity to influence the shape of your community over the next two years.  Remember also and in line with the one of the manifesto pledges of Al-Haj Kakaji – the candiate who is elected Chairlady, will also take up one of two places allocated to women on the main EC. So my dear sisters, do show up and exercise your right to vote and encourage others to vote as well – as every vote counts!

If you have any general enquiries re the Chairlady elections, then please direct these to the Hujjat Secretariat at admin@hujjat.org

With Salaams and Duas

Kassam Jaffer

(Hon Sec)
KSIMC of London

By: admin
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