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Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam- Recipient of Excellence Award

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Industries involved with sensors and electronics will benefit. Some other areas for commercialisation of the technology include:

• Engine turbines

• Electrosurgical instrumentation

• Implants including hip replacements

• Electrical feedthrough connectors

• Satellite and aerospace systems

• Optoelectronics

His publications have received several academic prizes and the most recent one was Sir Richard Brook Prize.

We hope that the Dr Tahsin will act as a role model for our community youth and Inshallah they will also excel in their chosen field and make us, as a community, proud.

Inshallah we will be presenting award for excellence every year on the eve of Wiladat of Bibi Fatema AS. 

If you know of any Hujjat member who has excelled in his/her chosen field please do contact

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