Live Auction

Ladies commitee

The Hujjat community- one dear to all of us-continuously evolving to cater for the needs of a vast and diverse community. Each and everyone of us is an integral part of the Hujjat community and with this unique opportunity we have a chance to make a difference and contribute towards a worthy and personal cause. Please be generous and know that every penny will make a huge impact. Please don’t hold back and bid to your utmost best.

This is how it works:

1. To place your bid click on the link below:

2. Online bids will close on the 20th April 2023.

Eid evening, during the main program, a last opportunity to place your bid (should be higher than the online bid) will be given. Highest bid wins the auctioned item.

3. If you have any item/s that we could add to the auction list, please email a photo with a brief description to and we will contact you.

We thank you all for your support as always.