04 December
29 Rabi Al Thani
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Vice President Address to the community

In: Committees, Hujjat

My Dear Community Members
Salaamun Alikum

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank Hamid Bhai for his continued service, leadership and support to our community as President of the KSIMC of London. The EC are deeply saddened to see him resign however understand that he has personal matters to attend to.

As per our Constitution, clause 3.2.2

‘’In the event of the resignation, disqualification or death of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the office of the President and shall direct the Executive Committee to convene an Election within six weeks of the resignation, disqualification or death of the President for the purpose of the election of a new President. ‘’

As Vice President of the Jamaat, I, Sibtain Allibhai, now serve with immediate effect as acting President of KSIMC of London.

As mandated by our Constitution I have directed the EC to convene an election for the role of President within six weeks. Notice of Election shall be given to the general body in due course.

Those wishing to stand for the position of interim President are welcomed by this committee and are encouraged to stand.

As mandated by our constitution The Electoral Commission shall conduct these elections independent to the EC and will provide the general body with the resources needed to participate.

I would like to assure our members that our day-to-day service and Jamaat affairs will remain uninterrupted inshaAllah.

It has been a pleasure to meet many of you over the recent months with programs being held in the marquee at our Hujjat centre. I look forward to seeing you at Al Zahra Centre in Watford as we recommence our joint programmes.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or the EC should you wish. We are at your service.

I pray that Allah (swt) bless us all and provide us with the guidance and beneficence we seek to obtain. Ameen.

With Salaam & Duas

Sibtain Allibhai
Vice President
The KSIMC of London
Registered Charity in UK No. 288356

By: hmistryh
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