New shredding service offered by Jamaat

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Members have noted that it has become increasingly difficult to dispose of old Qur’ans, religious books, manuals etc. in line with the Sharia. The traditional advice has been to bury them or throw them in a river.

The Jamaat has now arranged a more convenient, practical and environmentally friendly solution. We have engaged a local company to shred the old pages to the point where they are no longer identifiable, and then recycle them entirely. This will happen on our premises, under our watch.

We have taken advice from Syed Sistani’s representative in London who has advised that this is completely permissible. You can now leave your old Qur’ans, Dua books, papers containing the name of Allah (sbwt) or the Ma’sumeen etc. in the clearly labelled wooden box outside the annexe, and they will be dealt with appropriately.

Please do not leave anything other than paper and books in this box.

Please contact with any queries.

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