Members join neighbouring communities to plant 1500 trees

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On Saturday, community members represented Hujjat Stanmore at the Planting Trees for Peace event at the Kenton Recreation Ground, Harrow.

Over 1500 trees and flowering bulbs were planted, including Willows, Weeping Willows, Silver Birch, Elm, Hazel and Elder’s, most of which may take some five years to grow taller than the average adult. 

Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari reports that the Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “No Muslim plants or cultivates anything except that when an animal, bird or anything else eats from it, he receives a reward.”

لا يغرس رجل مسلم غرسا و لا زرعا فيأكل منه سبع او طائر او شيء الا كان له فيه اجر

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to fight climate change, with many countries pledging to do their bit, for example Ireland, who plan to plant 440 million new trees over the next two decades.

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