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Hujjat Senior Living Project Launch

In: Hujjat

Salaamun Alaikum,

We are delighted to announce that Hujjat Senior Living (HSL) has been formed and a team has been appointed with the vision to meet the living and care needs of our expanding seniors community. 

Our seniors community demographics are growing and in line with the wider society, there will be an increasing requirement to meet the needs of our elderly community. A solution is required that addresses the needs of companionship, communal living, mental well-being, care and healthcare requirements.

HSL has the vision to design a purpose built senior assisted living facility to give an opportunity to our members to have a private apartment with communal facilities in an exclusively senior development with care input provided as required. Over time, this would be accompanied by a first of a kind Muslim care home to meet the needs of those members with advanced physical and healthcare needs and those living with dementia.

To assess the precise needs of our community seniors over the short, medium and long term, we have launched the HSL Needs Assessment Survey (hujj.at/hsl) which will provide us with the data to make an informed decision. It is imperative that every member over the age of 55 does fill in the survey (one for each individual over 55). You may want to fill in this form on behalf of an elderly relative.

Your participation and cooperation will greatly assist the team in their feasibility study. 

If you have any questions, please contact us on hsl@hujjat.org.

With duas,

HSL Team

By: Mohamedasif
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