This Sunday: The lost sciences & Hawza Studies in Qum for Westerners

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Hujjat Academy and S I Madressa are pleased to host the following event:

The Lost Sciences
– What is knowledge and its purpose?
– How does the Islamic view of knowledge compare to other systems?
– How can we revive and strengthen the Islamic worldview within ourselves and our community?

Hazwa Studies in Qum for Western students

Speaker: Sh Shuja Mirza
Sh Shuja graduated from the Uni of Toronto with degrees in Physics, Computer Science and Math. He worked as an engineer before leaving for the Holy City of Qum in 1990 where he studied in Hawza. He is one of the most senior scholars in Qom originating from the West. Sheikh has setup a Hawza in Qom named School of Islamic and Occidental Studies. This school especially focuses on students originating from the West.

Date: Sunday 2nd Feb

Time: 10.15am-11.15am

Venue: S I Madressa, Northwood School in the Auditorium (please do NOT park your car in the School Car Park if you are attending this event)

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