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Tailored, modularised Islamic courses (with accreditation) organised by Hujjat Jamaat volunteers.

Hujjat Academy offers Islamic modules / courses aimed at uplifting the level of knowledge of our members and answering the ‘tough’ questions pertaining to our age and the place we live in.

New! … Lectures and Group Workshops on:

Sahifa Sajjadiya & Theory of Islamic Management

Classes begin on Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 and will run for 8 sessions

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Scholar teaching these subjects this semester will be: Dr. Sheikh Mohammedali Shomali

The 2 subjects we will cover are:

Subject 1: Sahifa Sajjadiya


  1. A glance at the character and legacy of Imam Sajjad (a)
  2. The school of du’a
  3. History and documentation of al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah
  4. Introduction to 54 duas of al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah
  5. Reflections on Du’a Abu Hamzah
  6. Reflections on Du’a Makarim al-Akhlaq
  7. Reflections on Du’as for welcoming and farewell of the month of Ramadan
  8. Reflections on Dua’s pertaining to seeking nearness to Allah (swt)

Subject 2: Theory of Islamic Management


  1. What we mean by management? Its significance in Islam
  2. Theological and Moral Foundations of Islamic Management
  3. Values Governing Islamic Management
  4. What we mean by management? Its significance in Islam
  5. Aims of Islamic Organisations
  6. Islamic Management and Justice
  7. Islamic Management & Honour & Ihsaan
  8. Commonalities and differences between Islamic management and the secular one
  9. Islamic Management and Imamah especially Imamah of Imam Mahdi (a)
  10. Rules and guidelines
  11. Planning, assessment and process of decision making
  12. Characteristics of good managers

Note: Fees are non-refundable

There are no-prerequisites for this course, you are welcome to attend even if you have not attended previous Semester teachings with Hujjat Academy. 

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