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Hujjat Saturday Workshop

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Phone: 078 0153 5445  Website: www.hujjatworkshop.com    Email: admin@hujjatworkshop.com

The Hujjat Saturday Workshop runs from 10:00am to 1:45pm every Saturday except in the months of Muharram, Safar and the Holy month of Ramadhan when the Special Workshops of Hujjat Imambara run Classes for children during the Majalis. The Workshop year begins with the school year in September. There are 26 Workshop Classes based on UK School Year Classifications. We request parents to join Namaz-e-Jamaat at 1.15pm as your presence makes a big difference to the learning of the children.

Workshop Curriculum

Fiqh: The syllabus is concentrated on teaching those aspects of Fiqh which are most relevant to the student’s life at his/her age. The priority is to ensure that each child has understood the topic fully with more emphasis being placed on practicality and case studies.

Tareekh: This is taught according to forthcoming events in the calendar. In the week prior to wiladat/wafat of Ma’sumeen (as), one aspect of their lives is studied. The lives of the other Ambiyya, Companions and Ulama are also taught.

Akhlaqiyyat: Our aim is to base our akhlaq teaching as one, which is inter linked with all the other subjects. Therefore, Akhlaqiyyat is taught in conjunction with the other subjects and not on its own.

Qur’an Recitation: Generally, we work in conjunction with Daily Qur’an Classes. We endeavour to teach the rules of recitation (Makharij and Tajweed) and to improve individual recitation.

Qur’anic Study: This is taught in conjunction with Arabic where a Surah is translated and its tafseer discussed.

Qur’anic Arabic: We use the textbook series – ‘The Keys of Understanding Qur’an’ published by the Office for Publication of Islamic Culture, Tehran.
Admissions: In the Pre-School Class, children are admitted in the term they will be 4 years old, only within the first two weeks of the term and at the discretion of the Class Teacher.

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