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05 Jumada Al Akhira
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Hujjat Bookshop

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We are now beginning to receive enquiries from other Jamaats and non-members, that is inducing us to go online and supply the books/CDs/DVDs via our website.

With the help of very knowledgeable volunteers, we have established separate shelf areas for titles on The Qur’an, The Prophet & Imams, Du’a, Ziyarats, Children, etc.

The popularity of the bookshop has been such that not only we have we discovered hidden readership but also hidden authors/writers within the community, both here in Stanmore and other Jamaats. We have received many books written by our Jamaat members and also from community members in Dubai, Tanzania and USA.

This is a very important aspect of our community, that we understand the history of Shia Islam and interpret it for others.

With so much interest, expansion is the next phase, and for that we have requested the EC for an additional portacabin, so that we may increase the subjects, as well as create space for browsing the many wonderful books that give us so much joy and understanding of our faith.

To read & understand is knowledge
Anything else is ignorance.

We pray for an ever more enlightenment.

Shaukat Manji

Hujjat Bookshop Administrator


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