Submission Status

Thank you for registering for Hujjat Iftaar. Please take this as a confirmation of the team receiving your submission. The next steps are as follows:

After the deadline (Sunday 18th April/ 5th Ramadhan) the team will send you an email confirming that you will indeed receive the Hujjat Iftaar.


An initiative like Hujjat Iftaar is one that serves a variety of purposes, from providing iftaar to those who would benefit, to strengthening the community bond and Ramadhan Spirit.

It is indeed the donations received from recipients and the community at large, which allows us to carry out an initiative such as this. So we would ask, if you feel you can contribute to the Hujjat Iftaar Fund, please click the button below.


As we expect a large number of people to sign up to this service, we need as many volunteers as possible to help deliver the Hujjat Iftaar.

Please note that we will have strict guidelines in place regarding PPE and social distancing to ensure safety of volunteers and recipients.

Please click the button below express your interest and availability.