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Hujjat Stanmore is one of the UK’s biggest Shia communities. We represent thousands of members and their families, and we have a role to play – as Khojas, Shias and Muslims – in representing our community to wider society.

In the past few months, Shaykh Jaffer has been representing the community at various events, some of the details of which are below. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to build bridges between our community and others.

In August the al-Baqee Organisation took the campaign to rebuild the sacred sites of Jannat al-Baqee, Medina to the United Nations in Geneva by organising the ‘Protection & Preservation of Sacred Pilgrimage Sites for Future Generations’ conference.

Sheikh Jaffer represented Hujjat Stanmore and added his thoughts on how to widen Muslim and non-Muslim participation in pilgrimages to holy sites as a way of building solidarity amongst faiths for the restoration of all sites.

Last month, Harrow Interfaith Forum held a dialogue amongst faiths asking how religions (and those of no religion) offer ways of practical conflict resolution. Sheikh Jaffer attended on behalf of Hujjat and presented peace building principles from the Quran and practical examples from the AhlulBayt (a). The talk focused on how the human soul was the prime area of conflict and if a person can defeat low desires like jealousy, pride and rage internally, the external conflicts can easier be resolved. 

On the 21st of November Bushy Interfaith hosted a dialogue on ‘Symbols and Symbolism as Pointers Toward Faith’. Sheikh Jaffer attended on behalf of Hujjat and presented sermons from Nahj al-Balaghah demonstrating how God cannot have symbolism reducing Him or that which potentially strays into polytheism. He also presented the acts of worship such as Salaat and Hajj which have great depths of symbolism in them such as Sujood and Ehram; he also presented symbolism dear to the community such as the calligraphies of the Qur’an and Alam’s representing the flag of Hazrat Abu al-Fadhil Abbas (a).

Last month, the SIM Student Council attended a leadership development workshop at Wembley Stadium. 
Led by Fatema Rahemani, Sumayya Bandali and Sheikh Jaffer Ladak, the council team enjoyed a tour of Wembley Stadium, the trophy cabinet, memorabilia from across a century of sporting history, the changing room and press room.
The objectives of the day were to work on team building skills and develop the role of student councillor to effectively represent the student body.

Earlier this month, Sheikh Jaffer represented the community at the celebration for AhlulBayt TV’s ten year anniversary, along with many other guests, including Reverend Nadeem Nasser (pictured). The channel now has more than 200 documentaries, tens of millions of online views, more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers, thousands of reverts and millions of awakened souls, the channel continues to grow.

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