Jumme Raat

8:00PM Salaat ul Maghribain - Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas
8:30PM Sura e Yaseen - Sajjad Okera
8:40PM Dua e Kumayl - Muntazir Kanji
9:05PM Announcements - Abbas Gulamali
9:10PM Marthiya - Adnan Ahmed Khan
9:17PM Lecture - Shaykh Abbas Jaffer
9:47PM Maatam - Quassar Raza
9:54PM Ziarat e Waritha - Mustafa Waljee
10:05PM Tabarruk

Eve Of Shahadat Of Imam Hassan Askari (AS)

7:06PM Salaat ul Maghribayn - Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas
7:35PM Holy Quran recitation
7:40PM Announcement - Zuheir Pirmohamed
7:45PM Marthiya - Haider Virjee
7:52PM Lecture - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
8:37PM Taboot - Oanali Lalji
8:44PM Maatam 1 - Muntazir Datoo
8:51PM Maatam 2 - Husein Virji
9:00PM Ziyarat Makhsus - Imran Ladak
9:05PM Tabarruk

Ladies Morning Majlis

10.00 Qur'an
10.05 Hadith Al kisaa
10.15 Marthia 1
10.20 Marthia 2
10.25 Announcements
10.30 Munajat of Imam Zamana AJF
10.35 Majlis in English/Gujrati by Zakira Ummul Banin Merali
11.25 Tabut
11.30 Matam
11.40 Ziyarat Maksus

Eve Of Eid E Zahra

8:00PM Salaat ul Maghribayn - Syed Kalbe Abbas
8:30PM Holy Quran recitation - Muhammad Hamza Muraj
8:35PM Hadith e Kisaa - Abbas Gulamali
08:50 Qasida 1 - Hassan Kanani
08:57 Lecture Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
09:30 Announcements - Muslim Rhemtulla
09:35 Qasida 2 - Ali jawad hansraj
09:42 Ziyarat
09:45 Tabarruk

Tafseer classes

☪️ Join us every Tuesday at 11am in the Ladies Main Hall for an enlightening journey through the teachings and inspirations of the Holy Prophets.

📖 Led by our Resident Aalim Shaykh Anwar Jaffer, this unique interactive weekly tafsir class will provide a deep dive into the rich narratives of the Prophets, unlocking their timeless lessons for us to apply in our daily lives.

🕋 Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with Allah (SWT). Refreshments will be provided.

🗓️ Starting on the Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

🔗 Register now :

Life Saving Training

This session will be training for Basic Life Support and delivered by experienced facilitators.

Participants will receive training on:

1. How to administer CPR and the use of a defibrillator

2. Responding to emergency situations

3. Signs and treatment of diabetic complications, strokes, electric shocks.

The 1hr course is free to attend. A CPD certifiate will be given to participants who pass the assessment which takes place during the same session.

Places are limited so register as soon as possible.

Hujjat Seniors Citizens

10:30 am Registration, Greet and Tea
11:00 am Exercise
11:15 am Recitation Quran Brother Mustafa Tejani
11:25 am Announcement
11:30 am World Federation Talk Ali Jawad Hansraj
11:45 am Guest speaker Brother Amir Dhirani
12:15 pm Open Forum
12:30 pm Surah Yaseen Brother Mustafa Tejani
12:45 pm Wadhu Break
12:57 pm Namaz

Jumme Raat

8:00PM Salaat ul Maghribain - Syed Kalbe Abbas
8:30PM Sura e Yaseen - Shabbar Sachedina
8:40PM Dua e Kumayl - Zayn-Muhammad Valji
9:05PM Announcements - Kazim Ismail
9:10PM Lecture - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
9:40PM Ziarat e Waritha - Shiraz Kanji
9:50PM Tabarruk

Friday Jumma Salaa

12:25PM Dua e Nudba - Qasim Kareemi
12:56PM Jumma Khutba - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer

Uzma Session 1 new


Hujjat Ladies Committee in collaboration with COEJ presents Growth & Self Development with Sister Uzma Naqvi

Join us on Friday 29th September 2023 where we learn about - Emotional intelligence (how to use emotions to your advantage)

The course will be held live at Hujjat Centre and online on ZOOM.

To register click on the link

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity We look forward to seeing you in-person or online!

Salaams and Du'as

Hujjat Ladies Committee