Hujjat Seniors Citizens

10:30 am Registration, Greet and Tea
11:00 am Exercise
11:15 am Recitation Quran Brother Zahid Okera
11:25 am Announcement
11:30 am Mwalim Makbulbhai Rahim
12:15 pm Open Forum
12:30 pm Surah Yaseen Brother Zahid Okera
12:45 pm Wadhu Break

Jumme Raat and Eve of Shahadat of Holy Prophet (SAW)

07:45PM Salaat ul Maghribayn Syed Kalbe Abbas
08:15PM Holy Quran recitation Murtaza Mamdani
08:20PM Dua e Kumayl Haji Hassan Mirzakhan
08:45PM Announcements Muhammad Damji
08:50PM Speech - Finance Team Ali Gokal
08:55PM Marthiya Yasir Merali
09:02PM Majlis in English Shaykh Nabil Awan
09:42PM Taboot Mumtaz Kassam
09:47PM Maatam 1 Abbasali Muraj
09:54PM Maatam 2 Muhammad Datoo
10:00PM Ziyarat Makhsus and Ziyarat e Waritha Zuheir Suleman
10:05PM Tabarruk

Ladies Morning Majlis

9.30 Qur'an
9.35 Hadith Al Kisaa
9.45 Marthia
9.50 Dua Khatmul Qur'an
10.00 Poetry
10.05 Announcements
10.10 Munajat of Imam Zamana AJF
10.15 Majlis in English/Gujrati by Zakira Masuma Hassan
11.05 Tabut
11.10 Matam
11.20 Ziyarat Maksus

Friday Jumma Salaa and Day Of Shahadat of Holy Prophet (SAW)

1:02PM Salaat ul Jum'aa - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
1:50PM Holy Quran recitation
1:55PM Announcements - Alihassan Jagani
2:00PM Marthiya
2:07PM Majlis in English - Shaykh Gulamabbas Lakha
2:50PM Maatam 1 - Abbasali Bandali
2:57PM Maatam - 2
3:05PM Ziyarat
3:10PM Nyaz

Eve of Shahadat of Imam Ali Ridha (as)

7:45PM Salaat ul Maghribayn
8:15PM Holy Quran recitation
8:20PM Announcements - Hasnain Mamdani
8:25PM Marthiya - Aliraza Damani
8:32PM Lecture - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
9:17PM Taaboot - Oanali Lalji
9:22PM Maatam 1 - Muslim Rhemtulla
9:30PM Maatam 2 - Wasim Fazel
9:37PM Ziyarat Makhsus - Dr Mustapha Virani
9:45PM Munajaat - Yusuf Nurmohamed
9:55PM Tabarruk

Ladies Morning Majlis

10.00 Qur'an
10.05 Hadith Al kisaa
10.15 Marthia
10.20 Announcements
10.25 Munajat of Imam Zamana AJF
10.30 Majlis in English/Urdu by Zakira Sabira Juma
11.20 Taboot
11.25 Matam
11.35 Ziyarat Maksus
11.45 Munajat of Imam Ridha Ali Ridha

Ladies Baraza Corner 17/09

Discover his unshakable resilience in the face of adversity.

Unveil Quran-centered strategies for navigating life's challenges.

📅 Sunday 17th September at 6pm

📍 Hujjat Stanmore

🧕 Ladies only

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain wisdom and strength from the inspiring journey of The Holy Prophet (saw)

📖 Deep-dive into enlightening Tafsir insights.

🤝 Engaging discussions on Rasulullah's (s) life

💬 Fun-filled breakout sessions.

💪 Learn the secrets of the Prophet's resilience through the Qur'an

🌍 Explore rights and haqq as taught by Rasulullah (s) when he navigated the difficulties of life and relationships

Register at

Tafseer classes

☪️ Join us every Tuesday at 11am in the Ladies Main Hall for an enlightening journey through the teachings and inspirations of the Holy Prophets.

📖 Led by our Resident Aalim Shaykh Anwar Jaffer, this unique interactive weekly tafsir class will provide a deep dive into the rich narratives of the Prophets, unlocking their timeless lessons for us to apply in our daily lives.

🕋 Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with Allah (SWT). Refreshments will be provided.

🗓️ Starting on the Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

🔗 Register now :

Hujjat Seniors Citizens

10:30 am Registration, Greet and Tea
11:00 am Exercise
11:15 am Recitation Quran Brother Ekbal Rashid
11:25 am Announcement
11:30 am Dr.Sibtain Panjwani
12:15 pm Open Forum
12:30 pm Surah Yaseen Brother Ekbal Rashid
12:45 pm Wadhu Break

Eve of Wafaat Bibi Masuma e Qum (A)

8:00PM Salaat ul Maghribayn - Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas
8:30PM Holy Quran recitation - Qassim Molu
8:35PM Announcements - Muslim Rhemtulla
8:40PM Marthiya - Ali Javad Jaffer
8:47PM Majlis in English - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
9:32PM Maatam - Abbasali Bandali
9:40PM Ziyarat Makhsus - Asgherali Jaffer
9:50PM Tabarruk

Jumme Raat

8:00PM Salaat ul Maghribain - Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas
8:30PM Sura e Yaseen - Sajjad Okera
8:40PM Dua e Kumayl - Muntazir Kanji
9:05PM Announcements - Abbas Gulamali
9:10PM Marthiya - Adnan Ahmed Khan
9:17PM Lecture - Shaykh Abbas Jaffer
9:47PM Maatam - Quassar Raza
9:54PM Ziarat e Waritha - Mustafa Waljee
10:05PM Tabarruk