Eve – Wiladat Holy Prophet and 6th Imam (AS)

8:00PM Holy Quran recitation
8:10PM Hadith e Kisa
8:25PM Lecture in English Shaykh Mohammed Al Hilli
9:15PM Announcements
9:20PM Qasida 1
9:27PM Qasida 2
9:35PM Ziarat
9:40PM Tabarruk

Wiladat eve Imam Hasan al Askari

8:00PM Holy Quran recitation
8:05PM Hadith e Kisaa
8:20PM Announcements
8:25PM Lecture - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
9:10PM Qasida
9:17PM Ziyarat
9:20PM Tabarruk

Eve Of Wiladat Of Bibi Zainab (AS)

4:18PM Salaatul Maghribayn
4:50PM Holy Qur'an recitation
4:55PM Hadith e Kisaa
5:10PM Lecture - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
5:55PM Announcements
6:00PM Qasida 1
6:08PM Husayni Awards
6:25PM Qasida 2
6:32PM Ziyarat
6:35PM Tabarruk