Friday Jumma Salaa

11:50AM Jumma Khutba - Shaykh Anwar Jaffer
Dua Wahda: Shabbir bhai Merali
Asr Dua: Abbas Gulamali
Ziyarat: Karim Ashikali

Hujjat Islamic Studies

Hujjat Islamic Studies presents a new series of classes with Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali.

This series is about Discussion of Ayatullah Motahhari’s works on Inhiraf on Ashura and the untaught prophet.

The Course will discuss:-
- meaning of tahrif
- General factors responsible for tahrif: what factors have played a distorting role in the narrative of the episode of Karbala'?
- The distortions that have crept into the narratives of this historic event.
- Ours and our scholars’ duty and the Muslim masses, in this regard.

Limited spaces available.

Open to Ladies & Gents.

Every Friday, 8-10pm commencing from 3rd November at Hujjat Imambara, Stanmore

To register, please sign up at