Tafseer classes

☪️ Join us every Tuesday at 11am in the Ladies Main Hall for an enlightening journey through the teachings and inspirations of the Holy Prophets.

📖 Led by our Resident Aalim Shaykh Anwar Jaffer, this unique interactive weekly tafsir class will provide a deep dive into the rich narratives of the Prophets, unlocking their timeless lessons for us to apply in our daily lives.

🕋 Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with Allah (SWT). Refreshments will be provided.

🗓️ Starting on the Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

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Eve – Wiladat Holy Prophet and 6th Imam (AS)

7:45PM Holy Quran recitation - Qari Ali Hussain
7:55PM Dua e Tawassul - Haji Mojtaba
8:10PM Hadith e Kisa - Muhammadali Khimji
8:25PM Lecture in English Shaykh Mohammed Al Hilli
9:05PM Qasida - Abbasali Muraj
9:12PM Announcements - Ali Hassan Jagani
9:20PM Mawlid - Muhammad Datoo, Imranali Khaki & Muhammad Damji
9:27PM Ziarat
9:30PM Tabarruk