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Darul Qur’an Wal Itrah

Darul Qur’an Wal Itrah invites all ladies to join for Holy Qur’an recitation and Talk by Sister Zainab Jaffer, on “ *Challenging times for Believers” *

This will be held in the ladies main hall on Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April 2023. Programme will run parallel with gents main hall programme

Diabetes in Ramadhan

Sri Lankan Muslim Community Centre, The KSIMC of London (Hujjat Stanmore), The Salaam Centre & Harrow Central Mosque have come together in collaboration with NHS North West London and British Islamic Medical Association to present..


Join the conversation ONLINE with..


Dr Kumail Versi

Paediatrician & Trustee of The Salaam Centre


Dr Mathi Woodhouse

GP Associate with Special interest in Diabetes

Chetali Agarwal

Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant

🗓️ Sunday 2nd April 2023

🕥10:15 - 11:30am (BST)

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Eve 12 Mahe Ramadhan 1444AH

7:00PM Darsa of Qur'an
7:42PM Wudhu break
7:47PM Salaat ul Maghribayn
8:07PM Iftaar- Kuku Paka
8:57PM Dua e Iftetah - Ilyas Govani
9:17PM Announcements - Zuher Pirmohamed
9:22PM Speech - Al Ayn Foundation
9:27PM Lecture - Shaykh Afzal Merali
9:57PM Ziyarat
Annex Programme

Annexe programme will run in parallel for boys and girls. Detailed information can be found

Girls programme (4 - 11years) here
Boys programme (4 - 11years) here