Weekend Fajr Salaat

6:00AM Fajr salaat followed by Lecture by Sibtainbhai Panjwani, Sura e Yaseen, Ziarat and nyaz


10am - Classes start
1:30pm - Classes end

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Miladun Nabi & Wiladat of Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as)

Hujjat Ladies Committee invites all ladies to celebrate the birth of our beloved Prophet (SAW) & Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) on 30th October 2022 at the Hujjat centre at 4.00pm. Program commences with meet & greet and stalls followed by Maghribain Salaah, visual narration & Mushaira. To book your stall contact Sister Shagufta Sumar. Details available on the poster on Hujjat website.
4:00PM (Meet and Greet) Stalls Open
4:49PM Salaah
5:15PM Qur'an, Mushaira & Visual Narration
6:30PM Nyaz