Eve 23 Mahe Ramadhan 1442 – Shab-e-Qadr

7:15PM Darsa of Qur'an ONLINE VIDEO
8:14PM Dua-e-Iftetah ONLINE VIDEO
8:42PM Salaayul Maghribayn ONLINE VIDEO
9:55PM Announcements
10:00PM Sura Ankaboot
10:10PM Sura Rum
10:30PM Sura Dukhan
10:40PM Dua Tawba
11:00PM A'amaals of Qur'an
11:40PM Ziyarat Imam Hussein Makhsus
12:40AM Dua Makarimul Akhlaq ONLINE VIDEO
1:05AM Dua Jawshan Kabeer ONLINE VIDEO

Ramadhan programme by Ummibai Merali

Join Zakira Ummi Merali for "A Juz A Day" - this session is aimed at children but open to all!

Eve 24 Mahe Ramadhan 1442

6:45PM Darsa of Qur'an ONLINE ONLY
7:45PM Dua-e-Iftetah
8:10PM Announcements
8:15PM Lecture - Sheikh Alihussain Datoo
8:38PM Wudhu Break/Qur'an recitation
8:43PM Salaayul Maghribayn
9:03PM Ziyarat Waarith
9:13PM Iftar TAKEAWAY (Meat curry)
10:00PM Dua Kumayl ONLINE ONLY