Hujjat Covid-19 Update #5

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The Hujjat Covid-19 Task Force and representatives from the EC met with ALL the key jamaat stakeholders, BUJUs and subcommittees yesterday evening to discuss the decisions taken so far and to brainstorm issues, concerns and queries on the ground. Alhamdulillah the meeting was very productive and everybody had the safety and welfare of the community first and foremost in their minds.

Programmes at the centre will remain suspended until further notice and important events will continue to be live-streamed with the help of the remarkable AV team.


The jamaat urges members to consider plans for elderly and vulnerable family members or those with chronic (eg diabetes, immunosuppression) or respiratory conditions e.g. asthma, COPD.

  • online food shopping
  • get prescription medication refilled online and delivered
  • consider essential travel only for those at high risk
  • consider linking your family and relatives onto a WhatsApp group so you can share information and keep in touch.

Hand washing and avoiding face contact are the mainstays of risk reduction alongside good personal hygiene and self isolation for at risk groups, while avoiding non-essential gatherings.

If you think you are infected or others are at risk contact the 111 service dedicated for Coronavirus:


There are several actions we can implement immediately to give ourselves the best chance of resisting and fighting off infections.


  • Take time for regular reflection and prayer.
  • Recitation of the Holy Quran as it is a shafa’a for believers
  • Giving sadaqa as through remembering others we are all granted protection
  • Consider visiting forests for contemplative walks which have proven benefits to immunity and well-being.


  • Following a healthy fresh real food diet, stay hydrated with plenty of water, and take plenty of exercise
  • Consider Pro-biotics and Multivitamins to boost your nutrition and gut microbiome
  • Ensure your medical treatment of chronic diseases (e.g. asthma or diabetes) are optimised and you have enough medication for the next 2 months


  • Deal with stress which can suppress the immune system
  • Get enough sleep (aim for around 8 hours)
  • Practise keeping a journal (journalling) with an emphasis on gratitude which has proven benefits on well-being and therefore will reduce stress


  • Share concerns with friends and family
  • Deal with conflict/ problems at work and manage expectations
  • Know your strengths and improve workplace well-being
  • Take time out to call a friend or relative

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Hujjat Jamaat’s COVID-19 Task Force has been formed, with medical professionals and other members of the community, to assess and review the current health climate and decide on proactive measures we should be taking for the well-being and safety of our members and attendees.

Hujjat has been liaising closely with regional and global partners throughout this process.

After careful deliberation, and with the best interests of our community in mind, both Hujjat and Hyderi jamaats have decided to take the extraordinary step of closing the centres for programmes with immediate effect.

This will not include Hujjat (IMS) Montessori nor funeral activities where further guidance will be issued in due course.
The jamaats will liaise with private function organisers directly.

Hujjat Madressa, hosted off-site, will be issuing it’s own statement. Hujjat Saturday Workshop will be suspended until further notice.

Stanmore Jafferys will continue their activities and adjust as necessary on a case by case basis. They will be issuing a statement in the next 24 hours.

The decision to close the centres is made with an abundance of caution in mind with the most vulnerable in our community prioritised and has not been made lightly.

For updates on when normal services will resume, please actively monitor updates on and

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, thank you for your patience and urge you all to pray for the well-being and safety of all our members and attendees.

Remember events will be live-streamed or broadcast via for you to continue participating remotely.

Best wishes and duas

Hujjat & Hyderi Secretariat

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Breaking News – WF Election – Results (Hujjat)

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Breaking News: WF Results for Hujjat Just in

Dear Members

Salaamun Alaykum

The results of the WF Presidential Elections of KSIMC of London (Hujjat), held on Thursday 30th January 2020 have been verified as follows:

Ashakhussain Rashid


Aunali Khalfan


Dr. Husein Jiwa


Safder Jaffer


Spoilt Votes


Ballot Paper not cast


Total of 2 to 6 above


Total number of ballot papers received


The above voting took place on Thursday 30 January 2020 between the hours from 07:00PM to 10:00PM

With Salaams and Dua’s

Bashir Pirbhai, Makbul Jaffer, Murtaza Jaffer and Nasimabai Karim
Returning Officers

KSIMC of London

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News of Death: Marhum Abdul Rasool Moman

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

inna lillah

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajeoon – “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”. (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Marhum Abdul Rasool Moman on Monday 30 December  20194 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1441

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of Marhum Abdul Rasool Moman who passed away today in London

Salaatul Mayyit will be offered tomorrow Tuesday 31 December 2019 after Salaatul Zohrain (12.10pm). Burial thereafter at Carpenders Park Cemetery at 2.00pm

Mu’mineen are requested to recite Salaat al-Wahshat/Hadiya-e-Mayyit tomorrow night after Salaat al-Maghribayn

Al Fateha.

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Zainabiya - Syria

Sayyida Zainab (A)

In: Ahlul-Bayt

Zainabiya - Syria

Birth5th Jamdi ul Awal 5 AH in Medina
TitlesAl Aqilah (gentlewoman), Al Alimah (knowledgeable), Abidatul Ale-Ali(worshipper of Ali’s household), Al Kamilah (the perfect), Al Fadhilah (the virtuous), Al Siddiqah al Sughra (the junior veracious lady), Umm al Masaib (mother of misfortunes)
Death15th Rajab 62 AH  Damascus, Syria

“You are the one who knows without being taught.”
(Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) commended about the intellect and accuracy of Bibi Zainab’s knowledge)

Five years after Hijrah, the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) daughter, Bibi Fatema (A), gave birth to a baby girl. The Ahl ul Bayt and the Prophet’s companions received the news of the birth with gladness. The child born was a lady of great eminence, the future leader of the women and a role model for mankind.

It is also narrated that the Prophet (SAW) foretold the events of her life and the role she would play in saving Islam. Bibi Fatema (A) and Imam Ali (A) asked the Holy Prophet (SAW) to name the child to which the Prophet answered:
“I will not precede my Lord in such a matter”
He then declared that the child be named ‘Zainab’, meaning ‘the embellishment of the father’.

The household of the Holy Prophet was sent by Allah (SWT) as a pure guide for mankind. Bibi Zainab who was one of the pioneers of the greatest revolutions of Islam perfectly reflected the upbringing in this household. Her surroundings emulated the light of knowledge to all parts of the globe. Bibi Zainab’s early education was under the guardianship of the Holy Prophet (SAW). When he passed away, Bibi Zainab was only five years of age. She then turned to the teachings of her mother and father.

Bibi Zainab married her first cousin, Abdullah ibn Ja’far Tayyar who was the noblest man of the Hashemites and one of the most generous men of the Arabs. They had five children, four sons and one daughter; Awn, Ali al-Zaynabi, Muhammad, Abbas, and Ummu-Kulthum.

Bibi Zainab was highly knowledgeable and was free from worldly attachment. This world was seen by her as a place of travel where only that which was necessary for the journey to the hereafter should be taken. She was known for her generosity and always preferred others over herself. She lived a humble life, despite the wealth of her husband. Bibi Zainab was totally devoted to Allah, and it is recorded that she never missed any of her wajib and nafilah prayers even during the events of Kerbala.

Bibi Zainab was renowned for her leadership through her conduct. After the death of her grandmother and mother, she became the leader of the women. She used to hold regular classes in Medina for the women, in which she used to very concisely convey her knowledge. Her subjects included, Islamic Law and Tafsir of the Qur’an. Women used to gather to learn from her teachings and emulate her manners and morals. She delivered her classes in an eloquent manner.  Her eloquence in speech and presentation was acquired from her father, Imam Ali (A). Bibi Zainab also became known as Fasihah (skilfully fluent) and Balighah (intensely eloquent).

When Imam Ali moved to Kufa, Bibi Zainab too moved there and continued holding classes for the women folk there. Once in Kufa, Bibi Zainab was delivering a lecture in which she was presenting the exegesis of the phrase
“Allah (SWT) hears and accepts the praise of one who praises him”

Imam Husayn (A) passed by and upon hearing the voice of his sister; he stopped to listen to what she was saying. Although he was an Imam, he honoured his sister by this act, but not only that, it also goes to show the level of intellect that Bibi Zainab had acquired.

Bibi Zainab’s intellect was seen to be extremely vivid and the capacity to which she absorbed information can only be described as outstanding. To her merit lies the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an, the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) pertaining to Islamic ethics, as well as rules of education.

Abdullah ibn Abbas has reported that Bibi Zainab narrated that Imam Ali (A) was once teaching his daughter how to count and he asked her, “Say: “one” and Bibi Zainab replied “One”. He then asked her “Say: two”. To this she kept silent and did not reply. Upon inquiry by her father about her silence, Bibi Zainab said, “A tongue which pronounces ‘one’ cannot say ‘two’”. Her father hugged and kissed her as a gesture in acknowledgment of her belief in Tawhid of Allah (SWT).

Bibi Zainab died in the year 62 AH. Today there are two shrines, both of which claims Bibi Zainab is buried therein, one in Syria and the other in Egypt but the grave in Damascus appears to be more popular.

Article contribution by Br Ali Bachoo

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Wiladat of Bibi Zainab (A) & Hujjat’s 30th Anniversary

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Bibi Zainab’s (A) Wiladat & Hujjat’s 30th Anniversary

Join us after the main program on 31st December 2019 to celebrate Bibi Zainab’s (A) Wiladat, Hujjat’s 30th Anniversary & of course it’s New Years Eve

FREE Hot Chocolate, Desserts, Popcorn, Party Bags!

Gents: Grass Area
Ladies: Patio outside Ladies Kitchen
for a celebration not to be missed

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Hilal Statement – Jamadil Awwal 1441 AH

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The Astronomical New Moon is on Thursday 26 December 2019 at 5:13 am. The crescent will not be visible on this day

The calculations for crescent visibility on Friday 27 December 2019 for London is as follows:
Sunset 3:59 pm
Moonset 5:24 pm
Crescent age 1 hour 14 minutes
Crescent altitude 7.38 degrees
Crescent elongation 17.23 degrees
The crescent can easily be seen with naked eye

1st Jamadil Awwal 1441AH will InshaAllah be on Saturday 28 December 2019 in UK.

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News of Death: Marhum Al Haj Anverali Walimohamed Walji (Mulla Annu)

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

inna lillah

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajeoon – “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”. (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Marhum Al Haj Anverali Walimohamed Walji (Mulla Annu) on Saturday 26 Octobber  201927 Safar 1441

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of Marhum Al Haj Anverali Walimohamed Walji (Mulla Annu) who passed away today in London.

Salaatul Mayyit will be offered today Saturday 26 October 2019 at 3.30pm. Burial thereafter at Woodcock Hill Cemetery.

Mu’mineen are requested to recite Salaatul Wahshat/Hadiya-Mayyit tonight after Maghribain prayer

Al Fateha.

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Fateha Khani Majlis – Marhuma Hamidabai Mohamedtaqi Moledina: Thursday 10 Oct 19

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The Jamaat will be holding a Fateha Khani Majlis for the Ruh Na Thawab of Marhuma Hamidabai Mohamedtaqi Moledina mother of Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju, Inshallah on Thursday the 10th of October at 7.30 PM at our centre. We pray the Almighty grant her an elevated status in the proximity of the Fourteen Ma’sumeen (AS) . You are all requested to attend.

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