LISTEN: Podcasts with Harrow-East Election Candidates

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Over the last few weeks, Al Haadi Hujjat Youth have sat with candidates running for office in Harrow East, ahead of the General Election on December 12. We have recorded a series of highly insightful and entertaining episodes.

Three separate podcasts were held – with Pamela Fitzpatrick (Labour), Adam Bernard (Liberal Democrats) and Bob Blackman (Conservative). Hujjat Podcast hosts Ahmed Gokal and Zayn Ahmad sat with the candidates to discuss a range of issues, spanning from domestic and foreign policy affairs, to matters affecting the Muslim community.

Amongst domestic policy issues, discussions on the NHS, Brexit, employment and education were discussed – both from the perspective of a resident within Harrow, as well as from a national point of view. Foreign policy matters such as arms sales, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the war in Yemen were discussed. 

Each podcast asked consistent questions on the growing issue of Islamophobia within political parties, as well as their candidates of which some have been accused as Islamophobic in the past. A major topic of discussion in each episode focused on the definition of Islamophobia, designed by the Muslim Council of Britain along with the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on British Muslims. Each candidate took a different approach to answering this.

It’s important to note that each podcast took into account any information that was public knowledge prior to the date of recording. In some cases, new information, statements and findings were released after the date of recording, hence were not mentioned in the episodes. The podcasts were in-depth and at times very critical. We maintain our non-partisan and impartial stance, and do not affiliate with any party or candidate.

Podcast with Bob Blackman (Conservative):—Bob-Blackman-Conservative-e98nfp

Podcast with Pamela Fitzpatrick (Labour):—Pamela-Fitzpatrick-Labour-e8ttm0

Podcast with Adam Bernard (Lib Dem):—Adam-Bernard-Liberal-Democrats-e91498


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DEADLINE TODAY: Register to vote in the General Elections!

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The UK is holding a General Election on 12th December 2019. We encourage all our members to make their voices heard and VOTE!

This General Election is an opportunity for you to make your voices heard by exercising the civil obligation to fully engage and participate in the political process.

Make sure you are registered by 26 November 2019 deadline! (TODAY)

You only have to register once, but will need to re-register if you have changed your address, name or nationality since you first registered.

You must be 18 or over on the day of the election, be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen, be resident at an address in the UK and not be legally excluded from voting.

Complete the online registration form here:

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Interfaith Event: Symbols and Signs – Are they pointers to faith?

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On Thursday 21st November 2019 at 7:30 pm, the Bushey Interfaith Forum will meet once again, this time hosted by the Jain community. There will be speakers from the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Jain faiths, all speaking on the topic of ‘Symbols and Signs’. Our Resident Aalim, Sheikh Jaffer Ladak will be speaking on behalf of the KSIMC of London at the event. All are encouraged to attend!

Address: Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, London Spiritual Centre, Falconer Hall, 6 Falconer Road, Bushey, WD23 3AD

Parking: There is plenty of free parking in the Kemp Place Car Park, Kemp Place WD23 1DW which is no more than 5 minutes walk away. Guests are kindly asked to park there.

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Ridhayatullah Theatre is coming to North London next week

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Ridhayatullah Theatre is touring the UK once again with their Harbinger trilogy of plays, with their first performance taking place on 31st August and 1st September in North London. 

Early bird tickets are available for £7 until August 26th: Buy your tickets here

The Harbingers were the specially chosen forerunners announcing the advent of a noble, glorified and honourable man who stood to instil divine rule in the 7th-century Arabian empire, the greatest in the world at the time. They were warriors known for their impeccable devotion and their stories were instrumental in shaping Mesopotamian history.

*The ‘Forlorn Warrior’* is their signature performance having undergone a substantial rewrite. The ‘First Martyr’ serves as its prequel and the ‘Final Quest’ as its sequel. Though the trilogy of plays was written to relate the accounts of the 3 Harbingers and the relationships between them, they are at the same time distinctly different storylines which will inspire and astound audiences offering a soul-stirring experience.

Performance Details:

First Martyr: Saturday 31st Aug at 12:00pm
Forlorn Warrior (new play): Saturday 31st Aug at 4:30pm
Final Quest: Sunday 1st Sep at 11:30am

Venue: The Radlett Centre, Aldenham Ave, Radlett, WD7 8HL (only 10 min from Stanmore)

Find out more about Ridhayatullah Theatre:

For tickets:

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The Hawza Experience: What is it like to study in an Islamic seminary?

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Is the Hawza still relevant for Western Muslims in 2019? Do we have the infrastructure to encourage and support female students? What must one consider when looking at studying in an Islamic seminary?
In this eye-opening podcast segment, Ahmed and Abbas are joined by Br. Sadiq Meghjee – a Hawza student in Qom, who answers various pertinent questions on the need for seminaries and the reality of modern-day traditional Islamic studies.
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Hujjat Podcast: A Hajj Veteran of 30 Years – Interview with Ahmed Dungersi

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With Hajj just around the corner, join Sheikh Jaffer Ladak on our latest Hujjat Podcast. He is joined by Ahmed Dungersi as they discuss his 30 years as chairman of the European Hajj Mission, how has he seen Mecca change and what happened when his group of 150 people were arrested?

Listen below or find us on your podcast app of choice!

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Welcoming Refugees into Harrow!

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After months of a collaborative effort between the various organizations and institutions in Harrow that make up Harrow Citizens, we have managed to find two homes for Syrian families in Harrow. Members from our community have helped over the last few weeks to paint and make minor repair works to the properties and many of you have donatedtowards the furniture and household items costs. 

We are immensely proud of the volunteers and donors who have contributed towards this noble cause!

If you’d like to find out more about this project and how you could get involved, we’d love for you to attend our celebratory event being held on Tuesday 30th April at 7:30pm. It will be an opportunity to hear from faith leaders and meet members of other organisations within Harrow. 

The event is taking place at St Peter’s Church (Sumner Road, Harrow, HA1 4BX) and refreshments will be served.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to

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Newly launched Hujjat Podcast at No.1 in iTunes Charts

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As part of our aim to provide the community with high-quality digital content to supplement the programs taking place at our centre, we have recently launched the Hujjat Podcast. This has already made it to the number one spot on the iTunes charts for Islam (and is no.7 in the overall religion charts)! 

We will be uploading the Friday Sermons weekly, as well as bespoke digital content from our Al-Haadi Hujjat Youth, our Resident Aalim and other community members. 

In this first episode of Al-Haadi Youth’s show ‘The Breakdown’, Ahmed Gokal welcomes Sheikh Jaffer Ladak to the Stanmore community, in his new role as the resident scholar.

This episode explores his exciting history, his vision and ambitions for the community, as well as what he hopes to bring to the thousands of members within the Stanmore community.

You can subscribe and listen on the links below: 

Google Podcasts:

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Embracing Technology at Our General Body Meetings

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At the Property General Meeting looking at the new site acquisition at the RNOH, the EC attempted to use technological tools to help enable a more inclusive discussion. Alhamdulillah, the use of Slido went down with great success and we would like to take this opportunity to share some interesting analytics off the back of that.

In the 2 hours allocated, we managed to cover 88 questions from the community members. We are sure that is a record in engagement from our membership, allowing everyone to be heard.

Taking from the questions asked, a word-map clearly shows the key concerns from the community

Inshallah, with the grace of the Allah, the success of Slido has highlighted the technological skills of our community. We will continue to pursue the use of technology to help empower our membership better. We always welcome volunteers with the right skills.

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