Shahr Ramadhan Mubarak (Hilal statement)

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Today, Friday, was the 30th of Sha’ban, and therefore tomorrow, Saturday, is the first day of Shahr Ramadhan.

On behalf of of the Executive Committee and all the volunteers at Hujjat Stanmore, Shahr Ramadhan Mubarak to all of you and your families!

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Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of consulting services in connection with GDPR compliance and operational assessment and remedial recommendations

In: Procurement & Vacancies

Hujjat wishes to appoint a supplier to perform an assessment, gap analysis and provide related recommendations with respect to the compliance with the GDPR of Hujjat’s internal policies, processes, agreements, and procedures, as well as of its public-facing activities, including, amongst others, donation drives, fundraising, distribution of benefits, administration of community programs, administration of internal finances, human resources, IT systems, membership services (e.g. burial, secular and religious education, tuition, sporting activities and legal aid).

Issue RFP to potential suppliers
Deadline for questions from potential suppliers
Consolidated Q&A (if required)
Potential supplier clarification calls (optional)
RFP Submission deadline
Anticipated decision date
Anticipated start date
29 October 2018
12 November 2018
26 November 2018
30 November 2018
19 December 2018
28 December 2018
14 January 2019

Download the Request for Proposal document below.

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NOD (News of Death) Network

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The NoD Network has been set-up by the London Jamaat, since July 1994, to inform people, who so wish, of a death of a member within the community from the London Jamaat. An attempt is made to contact the people until the evening of the burial day, so that at the very least, Namaaz-e-Wahshat for the Marhum(a) can be recited.

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Executive Committee 2018-2020

In: Hujjat, Managing Committee

The Executive Committee elected unopposed on 3rd December 2017 to serve until June 2020

PresidentBrother Altaf Daya
Vice President
Hon. SecretaryBrother Musafir Somani
Asst. SecretaryBrother Munir Chandoo
Hon. TreasurerBrother Shams Kermalli
Asst. TreasurerBrother Muzaffer Rashid

EC members:

  • Sister Marzia Jaffer
  • Sister Farzana Karawalli
  • Sister Sukaina Karim
  • Brother Dr Sadik Merali
  • Brother Shaahid Hassan Jaffer
  • Brother Asim Nurmohamed
  • Brother Salim Kassam
  • Brother Tauseef Mehrali

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Friday Social 31 Aug 18

Hujjat Friday Social – Fri 31 Aug 18

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Friday Social 31 Aug 18Join us for our Friday social before Muharram.

Timings: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM 11+

9:30 – 11:00 PM for 18+ (U18’s welcome to continue with activities during this time)

Date: Friday 31 August 2018

Chill with Sheikhs in the Baraza corner if you’re over 18 and have informal discussions on the most current social and religious issues, or have fun doing various planned activities (11+) with your mates! It’s going to be a fun filled night! Come and join us!

Baraza corner (for 18+) will be with Syed Mohamed Naqvi. Session will begin at 9:30pm.

Location: Hujjat Stanmore

Food: Is it even a chill without food? Hot food and snacks will be served.

Gents only.

For any U18’s who will be attending, please send your emergency contact details and any dietary requirements to

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Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 17th August 2018

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Last Friday, we introduced our methodology of discussion and looked at verses on how the Prophet (s) reacted to being rejected, and felt when great trials befell his community. Today’s discussion on the Prophetic personality and mission will be to reflect on how the Prophet (s) treated his own community and expected his followers to treat each other. This is because one of the greatest challlenges of community unity and direction is our attitudes towards each other and the way in which we respond when difficulties arrive; how we see and treat fellow Muslims has a particular place in the Qur’an, as seen in the verses above. To read the full sermon, click here, and to watch it on Youtube, click here [pending]. For last week’s Friday reflections, click here.
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Potential Acquisition of a site in Stanmore

In: Property Team

1. Nursing accommodation

2. Prosthetics unit

3. Hospital

4. Charity offices

In 2012, the RNOH managed to secure outline planning for 92 residential units on the site. These units are a mix of flats and houses encompassing a total of c. 150k sq ft GIA.

We are actively working on evaluating the risks on the site and will be reporting back to the community in due course. Inshallah with our collective duas, we hope that this endeavour will yield fruit for our community.


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Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 10 Aug 2018

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These two verses discuss one aspect of the Prophet’s personality and the methodology of his mission: his undying concern for the community, regardless of how harshly they rejected him. How the Prophet (S) was from ‘amongst yourselves’ – how he understands your conditions and your life; how he experiences what you experience. ‘…It is grievous to him what you suffer’ – he suffers when you do, in the same way a parent does.

The reason why Islam spread so fast and wide in its earliest days were because the early companions like Salman and Zurarah were Prophet-like in their behaviour. Today we have many challenges, where people have great ignorance toward Islam and Muslims. We too must become prophet-like in our care and efforts toward them; and when attacks happen on the Muslim community we too must feel that suffering of others upon our own selves like the Prophet Muhammad (s) did for his community. This would better help us to understand his own character and the way in which he (s) articulated his mission. 



To read the full Khutbah, click here. To see the video, click here.

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