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Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 08/11/17

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How do we arrive at happiness? Allah says in sura Hud, a day will come where no one shall speak except by Allah’s permission. And there will be the miserable one and the one who will be happy. Our happiness and sadness will be a manifestation of our selves on the day of judgement. Our reality and truest nature is unveiled.

In our secular lives, happiness relies on our ability to choose what we want, even if it is of no benefit to us. Islam has determined this differently. The awliyah of Allah have told us that we have a human nature to choose the right path, to be able serve the purpose of our existence. We have to make the right choice, and submit to the one who created our nature. We should understand which choices are best to nourish and develop our nature.

The Qur’an says that on the day of judgement, everyone will come with their deeds hanging around their necks, and their book of deeds will be open for them to read out, with their souls as a witness. You may be happy in this world, but it is just an illusion if you didn’t take the divine guidance.

If success is determined through material things, it will come at a cost in the hereafter. What is Tawfeeq? Actions which are in line with the irada of Allah. Who are the losers in the Qur’an? In sura Kahf, Allah says, Shall we now inform you about the worst losers? All their hard work in this dunya is completely misguided and misplaced. And They think they are doing something good in this world. These are those who reject the signs of God.

This describes those who rejected the risala of the Prophet (saw). All their actions are null and void as they didn’t have the prophet with them.

They didn’t reject the prophet because they didn’t believe him but because they didn’t want to change themselves and their lives. On the day of judgement they will have nothing to present to Allah. The prophet says there will be a man who in this world was large, but on the day of judgement, he will come weighing less than the wing of a fly.

In sura Ale Imran Allah says, and God’s promise has come true. You were winning in the battle of Uhud, until you failed. Stay on the mountain, and don’t shake. But some of you chased after dunya, and amongst you some wanted the akhira.

Why did these people fail? They showed disobedience towards Allah, were causing disputes about things which they have no knowledge about in regards to Allah and aimmah, and were chasing after this world. We have to think about the akhira in all decisions we make.

A hadith from Imam Sajjad (as) says, the one who holds steadfast to our path in the times of ghaibat is given the reward of a thousand shaheed who fought in Badr and Uhud.

The Youth should be in state of tawba and seeking knowledge. Education is truly meant to fill is with the wonder of our existence, to nourish us. A sinner who begins to show concern for his soul and repents is like a dirty surface which when scrubbed it shines. Imam Ali ibn abi Talib says in a dua, my Lord it’s as if I’m standing in fornt of you, if you forgive me, who is the one to forgive but you, but if the end of my life is approaching and what I have done is not enough, I have decided to take everything in my heart and confess it to you. My Lord you never stopped showing me goodness in my life. Please do not cut this goodness off from me when I die. How can I be despondent of your beautiful glance when I die, because you only showed me the beauty in my life. Subhanallah. If you love Allah repent to him, no matter what you have done, his door of repentance is always open.

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