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Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 07/11/17

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In Sura Alaq from verses 6-7, Allah says mankind has exceeded all limits, thinking they are self sufficient.

The problem with insan today is that we have never been so genius and ignorant at the same time. We are darker and deeper into the fire of hell. People cross paths but they aren’t parallel e.g. people commit indecent acts then give charity. But, in the Akhir zaman, hak and batil are mixed. God should be at the centre of your life and you should intend to follow him.

The Prophet (saw) converted the intention of rich and poor and brought all their hearts together. He brought the black, the white, ansar and muhajir under the banner of Allah. He showed that in Islam, there is no class warfare, Islam doesn’t differentiate between people. We are all equal and united under obedience to Allah, his Messenger(saw) and the Ahlulbayt(as). Having a PhD doesn’t mean you can’t still be jahil.

There are two possible ways to look at the world. We can rip a piece of paper and throw into pieces and let it be scattered. We can think of that as our history. Or we can think of all those pieces and but believe that where they land is determined by God and there is a meaning in each and every piece of paper and what spot it falls in.

Our Kids are raised in this way. They are taught to think that the paper scattered on the ground is meaningless.

We should raise kids in Islamic way so then they can’t say that they were misguided. Why do we blame our righteous maraja?

We should be self critical. Why blame others when we only have to look into our heart.

The intellect is a spiritual organ referring to the cognition of spiritual reality. In hadis e kudsi, Allah says by intellect he will punish and reward.

In Renaissance times, the human form became the centre of attention, not the soul. The people’s connection to the kingdom of God was lost. A new form existed which was to be fully free, be free of religion. Therefore intellect disobeyed from the one who created and inspired it. They reduced the world to random selection, no more recourse to the divine. They had No meaning in the universe or cosmos and tried to remove the divine centre of world and replace Him with promethian humans. What happened to such a world? It was hit with modernity and postmodernism. In Sura Anam, Allah says if you obey most if the people in this earth you will be led astray from the path of God, to those who follow nothing but their suspicions, and all they are doing is guessing.

At the Night of Ashura, Imam Hussain (as) says, I praise Allah in both difficulty and ease, and for giving us the prophet and teaching us the Qur’an and placing us in Islam, and giving us ears, eyes and hearts, so make us from those who are thankful to our Lord.

Islam has an ecosystem. We should be careful what we let in. Our soul and family also have an ecosystems. We should know what we let in and inject into it and protect it from what is wrong. When the intellect and soul is exposed to the Aimmah (as), it shines brightly.

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