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Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 06/11/17

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In Sura mulk, Allah connects intelligence with the hereafter. Allama Tabatabai has said that often people are regretful over their beliefs, but it’s too late. They didn’t listen to what the prophets taught them.

When trying to raise a community, they should understand that life will end and the hereafter will remain. In the end, we will return to God and be judged by him.

Why doesn’t the fact that people don’t have any faith have an affect on us? Because our lives are devoid of the faith that is permeated by the belief of Allah in all that we do. In Imam Hussain’s (as) journey from Madina to Karbala, he constantly supplicated to Allah and was in His remembrance even on the battlefield. Belief in God should be a prism that we see the world through.

We should be wary of the colonisation and shackling of the mind. Even for little children, the indoctrination of their minds through t.v. shows and other such methods is seen. We should be wary of what our kids watch.

The Bible talks about exorbitant usury. Jesus (pbuh) condemns those who allow usury. He was known as a kind and patient man but such was the act of usury that the bible says be flipped over tables in the temple due to this. The bible also says that if one of your brethren becomes poor, let him live with you, and do not charge him for food. If a person commits these acts, they cannot be buried as a Christian meaning that they would go to hell in the hereafter. Showing how much usury is disliked in the bible. So why is it still present in our society?

We need to look at the core problems when diagnosing why people don’t believe. Imam Ali (as) says that nothing is more virtous in its worship of god than our intellect. The intellect is the seat of the soul. The Qur’an reminds us to do introspection of our selves.

In terms of our creation, there are two ways of looking at it. We can do what we want by saying for example, it’s my body so I can decide what to do even if it is not correct. Or, we can think that we have a soul, a purpose that we were created for, and we owe God for our existence. We have a moral accountability. The moral choice is determined by the one who gave us this existence.

As we increase in wealth, we put more trust in material causes. It is Harder for the rich to get into heaven as they have more to be accountable for, unless they leave something for betterment of humanity.

What are our cultural references today? Look at the best selling novel, dispicably showing where our culture is. The dignity has been removed from human culture. This is a barometer of where humans are today. We ask Allah to protect us from this.

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