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Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 05/11/17

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If you are on the path of Allah and his messenger, and you love the Aimmah, seek help from Allah. It protects your heart, your mind and your physical body. Your enemies won’t try to kill you, rather take your faith from your hearts, and place hopelessness in your hearts.

When Fitna arrives, it presents itself in the image of a beautiful lady, and youth run towards it. When they know what is, they are engulfed in its fire. In the Qur’an, Allah says that he allows satanic Fitna to be thrown, landing into the hearts of those who are sick. Who are these people? Those whose hearts have a pre-existing condition. Firstly their hearts are ill. Secondly their hearts are hard- they can’t cry in front of Allah. It can come from ignorance, from sin etc. Doubt in Allah’s existence, causes sickness of the heart, along with those who don’t take religion seriously.

Satan enters the heart through music and entertainment. Certain sounds cause certain emotions. Plato explained why many types of songs needed to be banned in Greece. He said that it weakens the man, causing the heart and soul to change. Pythagoras discussed the power of music and how specific numbers relate sounds of specific instruments changing the heart, causing profound effects and leading them down a path they didn’t know of.

How do you protect yourselves from whispers of Satan and satanic people? Allah says to prophet Musa, “When you call upon me in a state of fear, love and khusu, beseeching Allah, it is one of the ways to cut Shaitan.”

Music is a toxic mix between imagination and reality. Al-Farabi the philosopher has said that based on the notes played, it can make you cry or Laugh. Rumi warned that the flute seduces the body into the soul. Our Aimmah have said that the one who listens and partakes in music, the seed of hypocrisy enters their heart, and their heart drinks it.

Demons today have tools that they have never had before. Imam Zainul Abideen (A) says in Sahifa Sajjadiya, “O Allah save me and my family from every satanic temptation.” When the voice is softened or fluctuates in particular way it activates certain parts of ourselves. Imam Sadiq (A) has said that there isn’t a Mu’min except that he has 2 ears in his cavity: one for satanic verses, one for angelic. Allah assists the Mu’min with an angel. We can choose to go to satanic or angelic direction. What we listen to, look at, and touch, affects this direction.

Abu Fath al-Karajiki, student of Sheikh Mufid, says in his book how satanic jinn implant ideas in us. The jinn can manipulate itself in different ways until it lands on the ear lobe of the person, hanging and casting Hamazaat into the heart planting words concepts and images so the person can’t differentiate between their own thoughts and those of the devil, even entering in their sleep. We ask Allah to protect us from this. An important point to mention is that the prophet has said that those who miss “Fadhila time” intentionally, Satan has already begun working on their hearts. We have to follow Allah’s ways to keep our hearts successful.


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