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Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 04/11/17

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Some believe that consciousness and thought are simply chemical, physical and biological processes. For saints and godly people, it is a proof of the fingerprint of the unseen within us. 

In current times, people say that we believe in something but not religion. It doesn’t play a meaningful role in their lives either socially, politically or in the family. Satan has promised God that he will certainly misguide and place a sense of false security in you that you will wake up tomorrow, not thinking of it as a God granted gift. People say they will become better when they retire. But their souls have memberships elsewhere. Shaitan will make them deface and pervert the creation of God. The one who takes Shaitan as his guide instead of Allah has a great loss.

In terms of jinns, there are good and bad jinns. Imam Hussain (as) in Dua Arafat thanks Allah for protecting him from unseen evils. Parents have responsibility for physical and spiritual wellbeing of children, and when they can’t defend their own soul, their parents should know the ayat to protect them in their cradles. How are we to protect ourselves from these evils? The Prophet (saw) said there are two types of Satan, jinn and ins. Satanic jinns can be warded away by saying that there is no power or force except all the most high. For the satanic humans, recite a Salawat on prophet and his family. Salawat forgives sins, awards thawaab and wards of demonic humans. Imam Hussain prayed to Allah to protect him from evils of humans and jinns.

One of the Differences between us and our Imams is that our minds can be corrupted by demonic humans and jinn, affecting our mind and body. Aimmahs mind and aql can never be affected. Evil acts committed shows that you have joined the party of Satan. Our Journey in this world is from our birth to death. If we don’t take care to protect ourselves and our soul from dangers which we don’t see, we only have ourselves to blame as the Ahlulbayt have given us what we need to stay safe. Shaheed Mutahhari said that people don’t have belief in the Ghaib. Belief in the divine book, Allah and other unseen forces are not accepted, showing our belief is low.

We should remember that just because you have knowledge, it doesn’t mean that you have belief. We have to remember Allah. The depressed state of the world today is due to hizbishaytan. All the crazy people are part of this. People like Daesh, Satan shall order them to deface the creation of God. For e.g. the atomic bomb in which humans cause destruction by themselves. The believing human being should be caretakers of the earth.

Research shows that Exposure to certain violence and indecent images affect the brain when done repeatedly. Their brains get altered and this could even effect their DNA, passing on to children. All this technology has alienated us more than liberated, destroying our minds. People who create such content want to destroy the fabric of our families. This is all due to human beings turning away from their fitra. In Sura Rum, Allah says that Fasaad has come to this world due to what human beings have done with their own two hands on the land and in the sea. Human beings will have to taste what they have done with their actions and perhaps then they may turn back.

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