Sheikh Vinay: Summary of Lecture 03/11/17

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The Human mind cannot be reduced to just physics. Imam Hussain (as) says that when we look at the canopy of the universe and are in a state of wonder, the awareness and consciousness of this state comes from the absolute being which is Allah (swt)

When we realise this, we ask ourselves is that it? No. We want to know Why? how? where? And that’s when God alerts us to obey him and live a life in harmony. And with His Will, you unlock what all of this means through the messengers and books sent by Allah (swt). Those who revolt against this are doing so against themselves, opresssing themselves by going against their nature. They become counter-natural.

Imam Hussain (as) has given us an insight into the meaning of life here once and in many other ways.


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