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Lecture 3 Summary: Sheikh Salim Yusufali

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•  Yesterday we discussed about adhering to the principle of justice when dealing with others. The basis on which we operate with others is Ihsaan (kindness) as per the instructions of the Ahlul Bayt (as)
•  But there is a difference when we choose individuals who will be our close friends and associates; in this case the belief and practice of that individual is of utmost importance
•  Ayatullah Behjat said that if we spend too much time with “ahlul ghaflah” (those who have no or very little connection with Allah (Swt) in their daily life), we become hardhearted and we will become less inclined to worship God and to follow the footsteps the Ahlul Bayt (as). The exception is in necessary circumstances (such as business or necessary family interactions) or when in the position to guide others.
•  In summary, we should interact with all, but our HEART should not be inclined and affected by those who are engrossed in sin and we should not spend excessive time with them as they would negatively affect us
•  We should take the idea of schooling very seriously as the hadith states that a young person is like a ground on which you can carve anything and it will stay. Other traditions emphasize the point about being careful whom young people interact with in a close manner.
•  The maraaji have drawn the red line for what sort of educational environment is not allowed for our children to partake in
•  The concept of a Muslim school with a healthy spiritual atmosphere is very important though some may have reservations about this
•  We need to make an effort by following the guidance of scholars and mujtahids on the principles of ta’leem (education) and tarbiyyah (upbringing) for it is an art and a science. A Muslim school is beyond just a building with Muslim teachers.
•  In a good Islamic school there is a need to have a good balance of academic excellence (which is of utmost importance) and also creating a Islamic environment for our children. There are few examples of such schools in the west and we can learn from their experiences.
•  There are a number of common concerns that come up when this topic is discussed which were addressed in turn.

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