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Friday Sermon Summary: 27 Mar 2016

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Juma khutba summary

It is important for us to ponder over the signs of the end times as described by Ahlul Bayt (s) and analyse ourselves and our surroundings;
1. Are we a part of these characters?
2. What can we do to cleanse/protect ourselves from such negative traits?
3. What can we do communally to be free of such negative traits?

“The followers of prophet muhammad al mustafa (saw) shall abandon the prayers, will be known to be slaves of their desires. They shall not be trustworthy rather betrayal shall be rampant.
The salat shall be disrupted to disputes
The places of worship will be made places of desires (dominated by materialism) – sins shall be aplenty while goodness & virtue shall be rare
Droughts and famine shall be prevalent
The people of the end times shall be superficial – they shall be attractive in their appearance but their souls shall be ugly and debased
If you were to see them you would be attracted by them, but when you interact with them they oppress you
They have the bodies of humans but the souls of the Devils – living amongst them is as bitter as patience, and as unbearable as the stench of a carcass…”
(From the khutba al bayaan of Ameerul Mu’mineen Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (s)

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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