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Friday Sermon Summary: 20 May 2016

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The 15th night of shaban is a night of great spiritual importance – a night 2nd to laylatul qadr
Apart from all the supplications and prayers that are recommended,two acts of worship stand out and should be granted due importance:

1. Performing the ziyarah of Imam al Husayn (s) such that imam al sajjad (s) states: “the one who would like to shake hands with 124,000 prophets should visit the grave of my father Abi Abdullah (s) for indeed, the prophets seek permission to visit his grave” (kamil al ziyarat)

2. As this night is crowned with the birth of the awaited saviour of mankind – Imam al Mahdi (aj), we need to reflect and ponder over how we can strengthen our relationship with Him (aj) and our responsibilities towards Him (aj)

Let us contemplate over the following tradition narrated by Imam al Husayn (s) and see how applicable it is to us in this day and age:

“…the final Mahdi (aj) is the ninth Imam from my lineage. He shall revive life on Earth after its death and shall make the true path prevalent even though the mushrikeen will want otherwise. He shall have a long occultation in which many nations shall become apostates (abandon the teachings of Ahlul Bayt) while some will remain steadfast, and those who manage to remain steadfast shall undergo trials and tribulations…”

We pray to the Almighty (swt) to forgive us our sins on this great night and to hasten the reappearance of the Awaited Saviour (aj) and grant us with guidance & perseverance during the occultation

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