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Friday Sermon Summary: 18 Mar 2016

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Juma khutba summary

It is narrated by Abdullah Ibn Sinan on authority of imam Jaffer al Sadiq (s): I asked him how should we address the deceased people in the graveyard? The Imam replied by saying you should address them in the following manner:
“Peace be upon the people of the final abode from the muslimeen and mumineen – indeed you have preceded us (to the final abode) and God willing we shall soon be joining you”
(Kitab al kafi, book of visiting the graveyard)

Points of contemplation:
1. The fact that we are taught to greet the deceased in is itself a proof that the deceased in the realm of barzakh have the ability to hear the people from the duniya – else there would be no logic in greeting one who cannot respond
2. Through the greeting and the visitation of the graveyard we attest and re-in force in our minds the reality of death
3. It is incumbent upon us to contemplate over the reality of death and use the visitation of the cemetery to prioritise our life where we give more and more importance to our deen
4. We need to constantly build the habit within us where on a daily basis we set some time aside to ask ourselves what we have done on that day to contribute towards our akhirah
5. Part of the tarbiya that we need to instill within our children is to take them to the graveyard and let them also recite Quran at the graves of the deceased as this has an impact on their character

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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